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Liechtenstein Jingle

     I wanna travel somewhere

     Where could I go?

     Come to Liechtenstein

     And you’ll feel at home

            We have short lines

     In Liechtenstein

     We have castles abound

     (The smallest around)

     We also have the Alps

     (every place has that)

     Take a train or a bus

     (you can’t fly to us)

     Liechtenstein we might be number 2

     Let us be your next trip

     And nowhere else will do

     Lichtenstein put us first on your list

     And we’ll make sure your days are filled with bliss

My favorite project in the PRAD program was the lost art of writing a jingle for Foundations of Advertising.

I had never written any type of music before so this was a challenge but I think I did a pretty good job.

My group and I performing my jingle for our class.

How do you think I did?